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50 Cent Flexes Mary J Blige's Power Check To Woo Taraji P Henson

Musician turned TV and film exec 50 Cent really wants to work with Taraji P Henson.

via: Vibe

The rapper’s latest act of benevolence appears to be his attempt to ensure actress Taraji P. Henson gets her worth as an actress. Fif’s effort to recruit the Washington D.C. native came on Wednesday (Jan. 10), when he boasted of his role in securing R&B singer Mary J. Blige a lofty salary to appear on STARZ‘s Power Book II: Ghost.

“Someone called me today thinking I was bullsh!ting about working with @tarajiphenson till I told them what I made STARZ pay @therealmaryjblige to be on GHOST,” the 48-year-old captioned a post on Instagram. He continued to convey his seriousness regarding the offer, adding, “I ain’t out here fvcking around.”

According to reports, Blige, who starred as murderous drug queen pin Monet Tejada in the first two seasons of Ghost, earns $400,000 per episode, which ranks among the higher salaries for women in TV.

By hiring Henson to star in one of his various productions, 50 would presumably yield the award-winning actress a higher sum than what she received for her work on the FOX show Empire, which was reportedly less than half of Blige’s Power salary.

This isn’t the first time the G-Unit leader has publicly expressed his desire to work with Henson, as he previously shared his reaction to news that the actress fired her entire team due to her dissatisfaction with the direction of her career. “They dropped the ball fvck em @tarajiphenson,” he wrote on social media at the time. “I’m ready to work let’s get it.”

Taraji P. Henson isn’t the only Empire star he’s reached out to in an attempt to bring them under his creative umbrella. He previously offered to facilitate proper compensation for Henson’s former costar, Terrence Howard, who has also been vocal about the discrepancies between his salary and that of other leading men starring in high-profile shows.

“Damn @theterrencehoward call my phone I will get you the money they was supposed to get for you,” he wrote. “Im not playing no games over here.”

See, this is the 50 Cent that I like. The guy who will fight for his actors to be financially compensated for their hard work.

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