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50 Cent Offers To Help Terrence Howard With Lawsuit Against CAA Over Empire Pay Disparity

50 Cent is letting it be known that’s he’s down to lend Terrence Howard a helping hand.

Several weeks ago, Howard sued CAA (Creative Arts Agency), claiming they prioritized the interests of themselves, the Fox network and the show’s producers above his own.

The actor and his attorney blamed the issue on a practice known as “packaging” where an agency gets paid by the studio for attaching talent to a project.

At a press conference, Howard’s lawyer James Bryant said: “Over the last several years, agencies have become much more powerful and found a much more lucrative way of making money. It’s by being the packaging agent, where you represent actors, producers, production companies and your own financial interest.”

He continued: “That’s where that fiduciary duty begins to break down. That’s why we’re here today.”

50 Cent, who last year signed a production deal with Fox, commented on the lawsuit on social media on Thursday (January 4), offering to use his influence in the industry to help Howard.

“Damn @theterrencehoward call my phone I will get you the money they was supposed to get for you,” he wrote on Instagram. “Im not playing no games over here.”

The two worked together in 2005 on 50’s acting debut, the semi-autobiographical Get Rich or Die Tryin’, named after the rapper’s blockbuster debut album.

Terrence Howard has claimed he was being paid $325,000 per episode at Empire’s peak, but said “racism” was the reason he was being paid less than other leading men such as Jon Hamm and Kevin Spacey, who each bagged around $500,000 an episode for their shows Mad Men and House of Cards respectively.

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