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90s Gay Adult Film Star Hank Hightower Dead At 57

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Condolensces to the friends, family, and loved ones of iconic '90s gay adult film star Hank Hightower (whose real name was Henry Robert Hightower) who has passed away at age 57.

Hightower's close friend, Jeff Yarbrough, shared the sad news on Facebook yesterday.

“I was jolted awake by a text early this morning. One of the (few) special guys in my life lost a health battle today. Hank Hightower called me last Sunday to say so long. Hank and I lived large, hard, and fast at an appropriate time for all that – late 1990s – after a shit ton of our friends had died of AIDS. If you knew Hank, then you knew of his love for canines. If his passing moves you, please send a donation this season to an animal rescue of your choosing. He did a lot of volunteering, and those nonjudgmental licks and hugs meant the world to him. One year he sold Christmas trees for a pug rescue. Imagine having Hank Hightower tie a fir tree to the roof of your car.”

He continued:

“Here is part of the text I got before sunrise: ‘I must inform you that Henry Robert Hightower passed away today, Nov. 1, 2023, at 3:30am. As per his wishes, he died at home surrounded by his two pups. He passed peacefully. Memorial details will be sent in a few weeks. I will always hold you close, HH, and happy trails…”

Former adult film star Eric York, also known as Pete Finland, also shared his condolensces with his own tribute to Hightower via X:

“RIP Hank Hightower. The original muscle bear and good friend. 10 years in a porn I made about 5 friends and Hank sure was one of them. Double trouble. He was also battling with cancer and called me 2 days ago to check up on me. Now he is gone. He will be really missed.”

Born in California on October 12, 1966, Hightower appeared in dozens of adult films throughout the ’90s and early ’00s before eventually retiring and dedicating much of his time to animal rescue efforts.

He was known for his scruffy goatee and furry chest, as well as his ability to effortlessly switch from playing a dom leather top to more a submissive persona.

Some of his adult film credits include “Buttsluts of Leather,” “Bathhouse Bears,” “Dominique’s Bi Adventure,” and “Total Corruption 2: One Night In Jail.”

Friends and fans of Highwater, who had reportedly been battling cancer, have been remembering him on Twitter X this week.


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