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A Few Takeaways From Part 2 Of Nene Leakes' Interview With Carlos King

During the second half of Nene Leakes' explosive interview with Carlos King, the former reality star dishes on her issues with Andy Cohen, her on again, off again friendship with Wendy Williams, and which RHOA alum gave her a run for her money in a read-off during her run on the show.

Here's a few highlights:

- Regarding her lawsuit: She was always open & willing to sit down to have a conversation & work things out.

- She was offered 6 episodes to return for S13. When asked why she was only getting 6, They told her because she was unhappy.

- She feels like Bethenny can say anything, but if she was to say the same exact thing, she would be the one getting criticized for it.

- Says Andy & WWHL would not be successful without the HW franchise.

- Sad that her and Andy are where they are right now: Hopes her & Andy can find their way back to each other.

- Doesn’t watch the show, only clips (says they were not entertaining): Marlo is bringing the most entertainment but understands why fans have reservations of her holding a 🍑: Says Kenya is bored on the show because she doesn’t have talent to work with.

- The cast had meetings regarding Kim Z not going on cast trips.

- She had a talk show in the works that was going to be produced by same company that produced Wendy Williams’ Show. Once her & Wendy fell out, she found out her talk show wasn’t happening: Said she was blackbailed for a long time & her projects getting cancelled happened mutliple times.

- She thinks she should be bigger then Kim K, if not big alongside her.

- Called Gizelle, Robyn, & Claudia “starless”: Porsha has star potential: Kenya was a star but feels Reality TV made people think differently of her: Kandi is a “supporting” star & Phaedra is more of an “entrepreneurial” star then a TV star.

- Her feud with Claudia is her #1 battle: Carlos says she called him after the ‘Puerto Read-co’ argument & said “you gave the wrong bitch a peach” because Demetria was being positioned to be a FT wife at the time instead of Claudia, but Nene told producers that Claudia deserved the peach.

- Says besides Claudia, she also fought for Porsha & Cynthia but felt as if it wasn’t returned to her.

- Carlos’ dream S16 cast: Nene, Kim, Sheree, Kenya, Porsha, Pheadra, & Kandi.

- Nene’s S16 cast: Porsha, Kandi, Marlo, Kenya, Drew, & would be down for Kim Z as long as she’s ready to work: Monyetta & Sanya can exit, & new blood can enter.

- Both Nene & Carlos feel the fans were robbed of getting the aftermath of Kandi/Phaedra’s drama post S9 reunion.

Say what you want about Nene, but one thing you can't deny is that she's always been entertaining.

Watch part 2 below...

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