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ABC News in Turmoil As ‘CBS Mornings’ Crows Over Ratings Wins Against ‘Good Morning America’

Could trouble be brewing over at the mouse house?

The third-rated “CBS Mornings” is gaining on the network’s top morning show, “Good Morning America,” and we’re hearing that ABC News execs are in a panic amid buzz that top boss Kim Godwin may be on her way out.

“GMA” has faced its share of behind-the-scenes issues –particularly involving former “GMA3” anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach being ousted after their scandalous relationship was revealed.

But insiders did not expect ABC to kick off the year being beaten by “CBS Mornings” in some key demographics.

On Monday, the PR machine behind Gayle King’s CBS morning show boasted about being No. 1 among the male 25-54 demo in last week’s numbers. “Beats GMA for 20th time this season” with that group, CBS shared on X.

CBS also shared that its morning show beat “GMA” with women 25-54 on Feb. 7.

The ratings dips have only added fuel to ongoing rumors that ABC News’ top boss Godwin may soon not be around as its president.

A source confirmed that the company is deciding whether to re-sign Godwin when her contract expires this spring. A spokesperson would not comment on Godwin’s deal.

It’s becoming common for CBS’ PR team to post about wins over “GMA” on a weekly basis.

We were told that ABC was even “in a panic” over a string of CBS wins in the key demo, including three times last month.

One source told us CBS is winning because King has been booking her own big interviews, including a talk with her bestie Oprah Winfrey when she was promoting “The Color Purple.”

It doesn’t hurt that the network aired the Golden Globes, Grammys and Sunday’s Super Bowl, which gives its morning show first dibs on exclusive behind-the-scenes access.

Shawna Thomas, the CBS show’s executive producer, attributed the ratings gain to the chemistry of King and co-hosts Tony Dokoupil and Nate Burleson in an interview with Broadcasting & Cable. “I think we’ve found a great trio,” she said.

But another insider sneered at the idea of ABC being in a panic over third-rated “CBS Mornings,” telling us, “The word ‘panic’ would not be accurate.”

A spokesperson for ABC commented, “There is no panic. ‘GMA’ is still No. 1 and has been for 12 seasons in a row.”

Now if only Gayle could transfer some of them ratings over to her show with Charles Barkley, which is floundering in the ratings like a fish out of water.

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