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Actor Christian Keyes Alludes To Being Sexually Harassed By Powerful Hollywood Mogul, Has Receipts

Actor, singer, and producer Christian Keyes took to IG live on Friday to spill tea about being sexually harassed by a powerful black male mogul in the entertainment industry. While he didn't mention any names, many in the comments believed he was referring to Tyler Perry, who he has often worked with.

Keyes also revealed that he has kept receipts of the person who has harassed him, and can expose them. During the live he even said he'd be willing to take a lie detector test for those who don't believe him.

Christian also said in the video that Cassie speaking out gave him the courage to open up about his experience, and I applaud him for being brave to talk about a subject that is often kept behind closed doors.

I absolutely believe every word, and it's unfortunate he had to experience this. While this isn't talked about in public, this is something that a lot of actors deal with from men with power who hold the keys to the kingdom.

I will definitely be watching this story closely, because he said he plans to file a police report and hand over all the evidence he's collected to the police.

For some reason the embedded code on his IG didn't want to work (there must be some tech issues going on because I also found a clip on Twitter and that also didn't want to work either).

If you want to see the video in full, head to his personal IG at the following link.

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