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Adele Rumored To Be Replacing Katy Perry on American Idol

Rumor has it that American Idol producers are looking to Adele to replace Katy Perry next season on American Idol.

The rumors began to swirl when a source told the United Kingdom’s Heat World that the singer was keen to replace Perry as a judge after her Las Vegas residency, Weekends With Adele, ends in November 2024.

“Adele has been focusing on having a baby with Rich [Paul, her boyfriend of three years], but she doesn’t want to be touring at the same time,” a source told the magazine at the time.

The insider continued, “It takes a lot out of her and she’s looking at gigs that would get her the same pay cheque, but with less work involved, as she wants to get pregnant soon. Her team were still shocked when she said she was interested in doing TV work and that she had her eye on Katy’s spot on American Idol.”

Adele — who shares son Angelo with ex-husband Simon Konecki — announced her desire to have a second child at a Weekends With Adele show in May 2024. “Once I am done with all my shows, I want to have a baby,” she said, adding that she was hoping to have a girl so Angelo could have a sister.

Heat World’s source also claimed that, while Perry’s reported $25 million American Idol salary is nice, Adele’s priority is to find something that fits her schedule. “People may think Adele doesn’t need money, but her luxe life in Beverly Hills requires a constant cash flow,” the insider said. “She loves the idea of raking in the cash for essentially sitting down and listening to people sing. Plus, she feels she could time it just right with getting pregnant again.”

For the most part, fans are here for Adele to join judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryant as a judge on American Idol Season 23, though some wonder what the show would be like given that many of Adele’s songs are performed often throughout the season. “As long as she’s completely honest when contestants butcher her songs,” a Reddit user wrote at the time. Another user commented, “I can’t stress enough on how great this would be for the show, it’s almost too good to be true. Her songs are also very popular on idol , more than Katy’s.”

One more user wrote, “Only if she actually gives real criticism then I’m in.” Other fans on Reddit also commented about how Adele would bring humor to American Idol if she joined as a judge. “I think this would actually be a really good gig for her. She’s funny so there’s opportunity for viral moments and I feel like more people would tune into this for her,” a user wrote. Another user commented, “Yes she is very charming. Plus she clearly does not want to tour anymore so this would be such a cushy gig for her. It makes me believe it might be real because it’s half the reason she did a vegas residency so early in her career.”

Before the American Idol rumors, a source told the United Kingdom’s Daily Star in 2014 that Adele was also keen on joining The X Factor UK as a judge but couldn’t because of her busy schedule. “Simon [Cowell] wanted her to join him and Cheryl Cole on this year’s panel,” a source said at the time. “She really wants to join the show, even if it is just for a one-off year. Although no contract has been signed, Adele has made it clear to Simon she’s up for it when the time is right.”

Perry, for her part, announced she was leaving American Idol in February 2024 after seven seasons as a judge. She joined in Season 16 with Richie and Bryan for American Idol‘s reboot on ABC following the series’ cancellation on FOX. “I love ‘Idol’ so much, it’s connected me with the heart of America,” Perry said in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in February 2024. “But I feel like I need to go out to feel that pulse of my own beat.”

American Idol is available to stream on Hulu.

I'm not buying this story. I really hope they decide to choose a former alum like Fantasia, who says she wants to replace Katy instead of picking a big name. Choose a judge that has actually been through what the contestants are about to go through.

Plus I can't see Adele sitting on a show judging potential singers, since so many judges are afraid to actually work for their millions because they don't want to get dragged on social media.

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