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Adele Threatens To Kill Anyone Who Dares Throw Things On Stage While She's Performing

Adele isn't here for the lack of etiquette from fans attending live performances as of late.

During a performance at Caesar’s Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas over the weekend, the singer commented on the latest concert trend that has seen the likes of Bebe Rexha, Ava Max, Kelsea Ballerini and most recently, Lil Nas X, get hit with flying objects.

“Have you noticed how people are, like, forgetting f**king show etiquette at the moment?” she said during a pause in her show. “Throwing s**t on stage, have you seen them? I f**king dare you, I dare you to throw something at me, I’ll f**king kill you.”

Adele then proceeded to laugh and shoot a T-shirt into the crowd with an air cannon, adding, “Stop throwing things at the artist! But [I] can shoot things at the audience!”

I'm with Adele. If you throw things at me while I'm performing because you feel it will give you some moment in the spotlight, I'll give you your 15 minutes of fame by whooping your ass. Then I dare you to sue me because you won't get a dime.

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