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Adore Delano Ready To Take On The Homophobes With Party Your World Tour

American Idol alum and Drag Race royalty Adore Delano is currently embarking on the US leg of her Party Your World tour, and is also ready to take on anti-LGBTQ hate, which is on the rise in America.

The tour will feature a mixture of covers, new songs, and fan favorite hits and Delano will perform 25 dates until the tour wraps on March 3.

Here's what she told PinkNews, in regards to the ongoing rise in anti-LGBTQ legislation, and politicians trying to ban drag queens from reading to children:

“It just makes me sad. This was supposed to be the land of the free; that’s what we were raised on. That’s what we were taught in school.

“I’m most worried about performing big events in the country that I’m from, because of the laws that are in certain counties; I don’t know what I’m getting myself into sometimes. I don’t have that same reaction when it comes to [performing in] the UK or Australia, because you can’t carry a f**king gun in your belt to a goddamn show.

“That sh*t kind of scares me, when you ask about hiring security and stuff because I’ve never had to think of that before.”

Delano’s message for those on the other side of the protest line, however, is clear.

“Bring it on. We live in America and we should be able to have the freedom of speech. But remember the last word to that statement is ‘speech.’ If you get physical, I’ll beat your ass.

“If there’s a resolution to this conversation, then I’m down. But if you’re just saying, ‘God Hates F*gs’, I hope you get a flat tire and hit a f**king pole, f**k you.”

Even in the face of repression and adversity, Delano is a firm believer that queer artists will continue to find liberation through art, just as they always have done.

“I wouldn’t be able to create art that goes against the words you’re saying, if there wasn’t a ‘you’ to begin with. So just stay behind that cute little gay velvet rope. And don’t get difficult with any of us, because we put too much work to look like Donatella at 33.”

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