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Adult Film Star Max Konnor Addresses Cocaine Addiction

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Adult content creator, and star of the hit OutTV series X-Rated: NYC took to social media to open up about his recent battle with cocaine addiction.

Here's what he posted on his Twitter:

This is long but I feel ready to share because someone needs to hear this: After being sober from meth for over 9 years, I recently found myself fighting another addiction. Cocaine was introduced to me a few years ago and it slowly crept its way into my life more and more. Emotional stress, worries of work, and meeting expectations fueled my hunger to escape. My addiction got worst and worst. It affected my work, my relationships, energy. I secluded myself. Sat in my house alone day after day slipping deeper and deeper into this dark abyss of addiction and depression that made me ashamed, embarrassed and, as a result, made me more lonely than I already was. Once again, I had to choose me and life and start my personal journey to recovery. Im 2 months sober and I’m finally starting to enjoy me again and I have no regrets. Im sharing this story because, if anyone reading this is battling addiction, you are not alone. You have no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. Even though it seems everyone around you is self consumed, there are people who care for you and are there for you. Im also writing this as a “fuck you” to shame and a testament to life. It’s another testimony to add to my amazing life. You can beat addiction. Your life is more than just being alive. You can live life. Abundantly and to the fullest. Your loved ones believe in you and most importantly this is a test to believe in yourself. Keep fighting. It gets so much better.

I'm glad that Max is acknowledging his personal issues, and is taking the first steps to deal with the other addictions he's dealing with. One day at a time is what I always say.

Sidebar: I hope this will be covered on X-Rated:NYC season 2.

Check out his tweet below...

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