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AJ McLean Reveals If The Backstreet Boys Are Re-Recording Their Biggest Hits Like Taylor Swift

Are the Backstreet Boys set to follow in JoJo's and Taylor Swift's footsteps and re-record some of their biggest hits?

via: E News

"We actually have a record with 13 songs on it that was supposed to come out on our 25th anniversary," AJ McLean exclusively told E! News at the 2024 iHeart Radio Music Awards April 1. "We're coming up on our 31st this month. We're a little late, but we still want the world to hear that. So we already have rerecorded some of our biggest hits and our personal favorites."

As for when fans can expect to hear these tracks, well, that answer remains incomplete. "It's ready to go," he continued. "We just don't know when."

And while you might find yourself telling AJ to quit playing games with your heart, a rerecord would be a longtime coming. After all, he, Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson and Howie Dorough have been drowning in fans' love since the Backstreet Boys formed in the '90s.

Over the years, they've spoken about their bond. In fact, AJ has shared how the group went to therapy to strengthen their connection, and he encourages other bands to consider giving it a try, too.

"It can't hurt, honestly," he added. "Because you know each other in a work environment, you may not know each other outside of that. Especially if you're a new group 'cause it's all about business, work, work, work to get to that next level. I think therapy in general for everybody is something that everybody should try. It truly does help."

After all, the 46-year-old—who's shared his own personal journey—acknowledged money and fame can influence people.

"It definitely changes things for some people if you allow it to," he continued. "But if you look at that in a different perspective and you're appreciative of it, then it won't make you jaded. I mean, look, I went through highs and lows with it where I took advantage of it for me, and then I'm like, ‘You know what? It's not important.' What's important is family, health, sobriety and performing."

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