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Al B Sure Tells Son Quincy Brown To “Come Home” Amid Reports Of Diddy’s Homes Being Raided

Former R&B singer Al B. Sure! asked his son, actor Quincy Brown, to “come home” after federal agents raided his adoptive father Sean Combs’s mansion in Holmby Hills, Ca. on Monday.

via: Vibe

The 55-year-old uploaded a photo on Thursday morning (March 28) urging the 32-year-old to return to his side.

“#Letter To My Son!” began the caption. “Come Home.”

He continued to write, “The [door] is wide open. You’re safe here son! I Love you, Popz, Your Biological.” He closed with the medium-brown toned raised-fist emoji and tagged his Health Equity in Transplantation Coalition organization.

Quincy Brown was raised by Diddy, legal name Sean Combs, as a co-parent when his mother Kim Porter was in a relationship with the Bad Boys Entertainment mogul. The message from Al B. Sure!, legal name Albert Joseph Brown III, to his son comes as Combs faces investigation from Homeland Security for sex trafficking.

Earlier this week, both Combs’ Miami and Los Angeles residences were raided by federal law enforcement. Homeland Security expert Hal Kempfer detailed the searched evidence included “laptops, flash drives, and anything that would connect Combs with the allegations.”

Comb’s other sons Justin and Christian Combs were among the people who were reportedly home during the raid. Combs’ Attorney Aaron Dyer released a statement calling the raids “a gross use of military-level force,” hammering down on his client’s professed innocence.

The bust was carried out as Combs faces multiple lawsuits and accusations of sexual assault, rape, abuse, and other heinous crimes by multiple women, including his ex-girlfriend, singer Cassie Ventura.

The initial lawsuit filed by Ventura, which made claims of sexual assault, abuse, and rape, was settled within two days, however, made the public aware of the alleged crimes committed behind-the-scenes by the Harlem native and opened the door for more alleged victims to speak out.

At the time, Al B. Sure! shared a cryptic note to social media, writing, “I do agree my expectations about you were driven strictly from my optimistic view of you, hoping your grimy ways would dissipate with age and or the current state of affairs that will eventually expose that you were on the payroll and secretly part of the shenanigans. Undo the puzzle.”

Take a look at Al B. Sure!’s message to Quincy Brown below.

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