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Alexa and Carlos PenaVega Announce Stillbirth of Baby No. 4, Daughter Indy

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega are mourning the loss of their daughter, as they've experienced a stillbirth with their fourth child.

via: EW

The Spy Kids star and the Big Time Rush actor announced Monday via Instagram that their fourth child, Indy Rex PenaVega, was stillborn. “There are never the right words to say when it comes to loss,” the PenaVegas wrote on Instagram. “After a beautiful and peaceful delivery our daughter ‘Indy’ was born at rest. It has been a painful journey. But in the pain we have found peace. God continues to comfort and hold us in his arms. The prayers from the community around us have been so sustaining in this difficult season.”

The couple went on to pay further tribute to Indy. “This little girl has already changed our lives in so many ways,” they wrote. “She was absolutely beautiful. And looked just like daddy. Dark hair and all. Grief has come to us in waves. Moments of feeling absolutely gutted… then moments of feeling blessed by just getting a moment with her.”

“We can’t understand why things like this happen and we may never get those answers,” the PenaVegas continued. “Indy Rex PenaVega, you completely changed our world. You moved us to a new place. You gave us the community we have been longing for. We love you can’t wait to see how many other lives you change.”

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, who recently celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary, share three children together, the first of whom was born in 2016.

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