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Amanda Bynes Declined to Participate in Explosive 'Quiet On Set' Docuseries, Troubled Star Has No Bad Blood With Nickelodeon

Amanda Bynes apparently had nothing to add when it came to the alleged abuse at Nickelodeon.

According to TMZ, the 37-year-old actress and her parents were all asked to participate but opted out, citing their desire to stay out of the spotlight.

The documentary delves into the untold stories of the toxic and abusive environment within ’90s kids TV from the perspective of former child stars and crew members.

An insider told the outlet that Bynes expressed her gratitude towards Nickelodeon for launching her acting career.

Her refusal to partake in the project comes amidst a wave of revelations from other former child stars about their negative experiences in the industry.

Her former co-star on The Amanda Show, Drake Bell, recently came forward with allegations of sexual abuse he suffered while working on the network.

Another co-star, Josh Peck, also showed support for Bell and addressed the issues raised in the docuseries.

While Bynes and her family did not share the same negative experiences as some of their peers, they were saddened and disgusted by the allegations presented in the documentary.

Bynes, who has since retired from acting and pursued a career in cosmetology, has faced personal struggles, including mental health issues that led to a nine-year conservatorship.

Her parents, who were initially granted control in 2013 due to concerns about her well-being, agreed to terminate the conservatorship in 2022.

Despite the attention surrounding the documentary and the revelations within, Bynes has chosen to remain silent on her experiences as a child star.

As previously reported, soon after the release of the documentary, several former child stars from the network protested outside Nickelodeon’s Burbank offices.

The protest was led by former Zoey 101 star Alexa Nikolas and others who held photographs of Nickelodeon executives accused of fostering a toxic environment and enabling abusers while the crowd chanted, “Protect survivors, not predators!” and “Power to survivors!”

Nikolas announced at the beginning of the protest, which was being live-streamed, “This is a very monumental moment for child stars everywhere.”

“We were so scared of these networks and the adults that we were working for for such a long time, and now we’re adults and we get to let them know how we feel.”

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