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Amber Rose Endorses Donald Trump for President, Sparks Backlash

Amber Rose publicly endorsed one candidate for the 2024 US Presidential Election ... surprising many followers with her choice -- as it seems to contradict her public stances.

The model and activist posted a photo with Donald Trump and Melania Trump at an undisclosed black-tie event, captioning it with “Trump 2024.”

Amber Rose, who has spoken about the similarities between Trump and her ex-boyfriend Kanye West, once remarked, “When I first seen Trump on the podium, I was like, ‘Oh my God, that is Kanye in a white man’s body.’ I really felt like they have the same personality, like completely the same personality.”

Rose has previously voiced her apprehensions about allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump.

“Imagine this: Donald Trump comes and touches me inappropriately…Do I call 911? Do I call the cop that lives in my neighborhood? Who do I contact?” she once questioned.

She also slammed Donald Trump for inviting women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault to a presidential debate, labeling it as “s###-shaming and victim-blaming at the same time.”

Despite her criticisms, Rose mentioned that she hoped Trump’s polarizing behavior was politically motivated, possibly intending to enact positive changes once in office.

Users swamped social media with criticisms of Rose’s apparent turnaround, particularly pointing out her work as an advocate for women’s rights, especially her annual SlutWalk event.

One user wrote, “Lol better never see you speak on women’s rights again!!” while another commented, “Damn Amber you’re supposed to be an advocate for Women wow so disgusted. Unfollowed.”

The backlash is steeped in context, given the numerous sexual assault allegations against Trump, including rape.

Critics are puzzled by why Rose, an outspoken critic on matters of sexual misconduct, would pivot to support a figure mired in such controversies.

Amber Rose’s role in the empowerment of women through her SlutWalk, a protest against sexism, body-shaming, and double standards, had earned her a strong following.

The annual event advocates for the rights of women to express themselves without fear of judgment or harassment.

The recent endorsement has stirred unrest among her followers, who see a conflict between her activism and newfound political stance.

This is the same lady that started a slut walk, and said back in 2016 that she would leave the country if Trump became president.

All I'm going to say is that Joseline was right about Miss Amber's opportunistic ass, and this is why we need to stop inviting these zebras conflicted about their blackness so easily to the cookout.

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