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American Express Attempted To Seize Kim Zolciak's Don't Be Tardy Coin Over Unpaid Wages

As if a possible eviction wasn't the only thing Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her small tribe have to stress about, reports are going around that American Express tried to seize the Bravolebrity's wages over an unpaid $215k credit card debt.

According to court documents obtained by, back in August 2019, Amex fired off legal documents to the producers behind Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy, True Entertainment LLC aka Truly Entertainment.

At the time, Zolciak had left RHOA and was starring in Don’t Be Tardy, a show that focused on her family. The series ended in 2020.

The credit card company explained to True Entertainment that Zolciak owed it a total of $216,369 stemming from a 2018 lawsuit.

The letter notified the production company to “hold all money, including wages, and other property, except what is known to be exempt, belonging to the Defendant or obligations owed to the Defendant named above beginning on the day of service of this summons and including the next 179 days.”

The production company told American Express they had no money owed to Zolciak personally.

Around the same time, the credit card company fired off a separate legal notice to the Atlanta Falcons, where Kim’s husband Kroy used to work. It’s unclear why they believed the Falcons would have money owed to Kim.

As first reported, the legal drama started back in November 2018 when American Express filed suit.

Kim has always been pretty mindless when it comes to her money, so I'm not surprised by this news at all. If you watch back at old episodes of RHOA you saw how bad she was with money. Plus she allegedly has a bad gambling habit.

For the sake of her younger kids I hope she gets it together, but I feel this is all karma from how she acted once she got a man and began to create her little family.

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