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An A-List Actor Threatened To Sexually Assault Elliot Page In A Homophobic Confrontation

Elliot Page's highly-anticipated memoir Pageboy is out, and the actor is spilling lots of surprising tea.

In the book he opens up about his past relationship with actress Kate Mara (Pose, Fantastic Four), secretly dating one of his co-stars where not even his closest friends knew, and how his estranged father, who he hasn't spoken to in five years engages in hate posts about him.

But the story that truly gagged me was where Elliot revealed a famous actor threatened to rape him shortly after coming out.

Page said that the actor, who they considered an “acquaintance,” drunkenly approached them at a party before lobbing homophobic hate and threatened to sexually assault the queer star.

“You aren’t gay. That doesn’t exist. You are just afraid of men,” Page recalled the actor saying. “I’m going to f**k you to make you realize you aren’t gay.”

When Page ran into the actor at the gym a few days later, the unidentified celebrity tried to backpedal and pussy pop on his bigoted statement by saying: “I don’t have a problem with gay people, I swear.”

“I think you might,” Page responded.

Elliot Page said he’s had “some version of that happen many times throughout [his] life” and that many queer and trans people “deal with it incessantly”, People reported.

“These moments that we often like don’t talk about or we’re supposed to just brush off, when actually it’s very awful,” Page said. “I put that story in the book because it’s about highlighting the reality, the s**t we deal with and what gets sent to us constantly, particularly in environments that are predominantly cis and heterosexual.”

He continued: “How we navigate that world where you either have more extreme, overt moments like that. Or you have the more, like, subtle jokes.

“[In Hollywood] these are very powerful people. They’re the ones choosing what stories are being told and creating content for people to see all around the world.”

Elliot Page also explained that he opted not to reveal the actor’s name, noting that several people at the 2014 party saw and heard what happened that night. He added: “But he will hear about this and know it’s him.”

I really wish Elliot would have exposed what actor would say such a thing. We need a new problematic celebrity to cancel.

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