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Ana Navarro Shades Alyssa Farrah Griffin For Annoying Eyeroll During Beyoncé Segment

Everybody is (usually) on mute during Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour, but Alyssa Farah Griffin's eye roll turned up the volume duringThe View's Hot Topics segment on the superstar's concert.

via: EW

Cohost Ana Navarro addressed an awkward moment from Friday’s live broadcast of the show in which Griffin appeared to roll her eyes at Navarro several times as the ladies discussed various topics — including when Navarro changed course during a discussion about spousal time management to bring up Beyoncé’s tour.

After the telecast ended, Navarro shared a viewer’s social media post highlighting Griffin’s facial expressions and added a “woman shrugging” emoji above it. The post read, “So did anyone peep Alyssa’s annoyed look when Ana mentioned going to the Beyoncé concert in New Orleans? Then she caught herself.”

“Guys, let me tell you what I wasn’t late for this week,” Navarro said on the show, and Griffin reacted by looking off camera and throwing her hands up.

Still, Navarro continued. “I went to New Orleans for Queen Beyoncé. I actually got to witness what the effect on the economy is, the amount of people, the planes were packed, the hotels were packed,” Navarro said, and, in a wide shot of the table, Griffin could be seen rolling her eyes before quickly straightening up and mouthing, “Oh!” as Navarro continued.

A representative for The View did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.

Friday’s exchange is not the first time fans have clocked tension between Griffin and Navarro since both women joined the series as permanent Republican cohosts in 2022, replacing the vacant conservative seat left by controversial former panelist Meghan McCain.

“I can’t really get a word in without you attacking me. So, I wouldn’t say this is a totally different environment of women supporting each other,” Griffin told Navarro, who responded by telling her, “Oh, I haven’t attacked you yet.”

It also seemed that, as of Saturday, the pair are not following each other on Instagram, though Griffin — who previously worked for Donald Trump’s White House communications team — is following her other cohosts except for Navarro and Joy Behar.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Alyssa must have had a pretty bad week, because I have noticed that she's been in quite a funk.

In a separate episode that aired this week, Alyssa got annoyed when she kept getting cut off from making her point while trying to defend Nikki Haley during the second Republikkkan presidential debate.

Mind you she got to say enough during her time to speak, but when it was time for Whoopi to give her two cents Alyssa would chime in with her commentary.

Now let them have eyerolled her talking about her adoration for Taylor Swift's boring calculated ass and see if she has that same energy, because earlier in the week Alyssa was praising Taylor for getting her fans to vote.

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