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Andy Cohen Considered Love & Hip Hop Reality Stars To Save Real Housewives Franchises

Could the Real Housewives franchises be getting the Love & Hip Hop treatment?

TMZ is reporting that producers wanted Remy Ma on the upcoming reboot of The Real Housewives of New York City, but realized she lives in New Jersey.

Sources say the rapper used to have an apartment in midtown Manhattan, but she doesn't anymore. At the time she was recommended to casting it was still believed she had ties to NYC.

While the Bravo series is historically loose about the cast's "wife" status, they're pretty strict when it comes to geography -- so all convos with Remy about "Real Housewives of New York City" ended.

In other L&HH news, singer Olivia, who you all may remember from the earlier seasons of Love & Hip Hop is claiming in an interview with The Neighborhood Talk that her team was approached by Bravo producers to appear on the second season of The Real Housewives of Dubai.

RHODubai cast member Caroline Brooks called out Olivia on her claims, saying the following:

Really Olivia? Whining your circle of friends on Dubai even knows you? Is this a prank or is it clout? 💆‍♀️😂Rubbish #rhodubai

Check out her Neighborhood Talk interview below...

I knew Andy was full of shit when he looked down on shows like Love & Hip Hop and said while defending the explosive fight that happened on Potomac that his franchises were not meant to be anything like L&HH and Bad Girls Club.

It may not have been your intent innthe beginning, but quiet as it's kept it's hard to differentiate the two, since The Real Housewives ladies have been involved not only in alleged criminal activity over the years (Teresa Giudice, Erika Girardi, Jen Shah), but we've seen some of these Bravolebrities get into some nasty fights on social media as well.

Olivia feels like stunt casting, and quiet as it's kept she was boring when she was on Love & Hip Hop. So what makes them think she would bring it with the Housewives? Plus, does she have any kind of real connection with these ladies?

As for Remy, she would work on a revamped RHONY if they brought Eboni back for the reboot. The two ladies knew each other back when they were on the panel for the short-lived series State of the Culture.

As for the geography comment, I'm calling BS because they've been pretty lenient when it comes to where the ladies live. Besides, Jersey is right over the bridge, and if Remy wanted she could rent an apartment specifically for the show while fulfilling her reality TV duties.

The NY reboot still seems like they haven't figured out how to get the casting together, because I also heard three cast members already dropped out before they started filming.

Hopefully they can get it together, but maybe at this point people are outgrowing the Real Housewives franchises since there's so many.

If you can't figure out how to make RHONY work, chop the franchise altogether, revamp the series with a new name and cast women from the four boroughs (we don't acknowledge Staten Island) and call it something like First Ladies of NY.

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