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Andy Cohen Reveals Why ‘BravoCon’ Is Being Postponed This Year

Andy Cohen has revealed why BravoCon is on pause this year.

via: TooFab

“I remember saying to the powers that be at Bravo I hope we’re skipping a year,” Cohen said on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live.

While on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live, the face of all things Bravo clapped back at talk he was the reason the convention was postponed.

“I read over the weekend that InTouch is blaming me for BravoCon getting canceled… Who did I piss off at InTouch?,” Cohen wondered.

“They’re really on me. This is the most I’ve thought about InTouch in a very long time… Their theory is that ‘I’m going through it’ so BravoCon is canceled,” Cohen recalled of the publication’s article.

Cohen went on to explain why the beloved fan convention was being postponed, revealing it had nothing to do with him — despite him wanting it to be postponed if the date was going to be made earlier.

“I think this decision was made long ago because the availabilities for the location that we wanted to be were, it would’ve been that we would’ve had to have it in I think September of this year or something like that,” he said. “It was way too soon. It felt way too soon, so I’m glad last year after BravoCon, I remember, and I don’t choose when BravoCon is, but I remember saying to the powers that be at Bravo I hope we’re skipping a year because it just seems… I have no voice in the matter to tell you the truth.”

InTouch reported the convention was being postponed due to the drug use and sexual harassment allegations surrounding Cohen.

Bravo officially confirmed the postponement earlier this month, announcing that the convention would not return to Las Vegas until 2025.

The network announced BravoCon’s future dates — Nov. 14-16, 2025 — and that the convention will once again be at Caesars Forum.

And for those impatient Bravo fans, the network announced it would be having smaller events throughout the year, called “Watch Party by Bravo,” which are described by the network for, “Bravoholics to get up close and personal with their favorite Bravo stars and celebrate their passionate fandom.”

Quiet as it's kept, I don't think BravoCon is as impactful as DragCon and ComicCon. The two I mentioned is good reason to want to spend money and go to a convention. A bunch of old, dried out alcoholic women is not enough for me to want to head to Vegas, especially when a lot of those Bravo shows aren't doing as well as they once did during their early years.

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