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Annemarie Wiley Addresses ‘Damaging’ Transphobia Claims and Political Controversy After ‘RHOBH’ Exit

Annemarie Wiley addressed husband Marcellus Wiley‘s alleged transphobic comments and her controversial political beliefs after her exit from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In an interview with Carlos King for his Reality with the King podcast, Annemarie addressed speculation surrounding her husband’s remarks and her political views, shedding light on her experience on the show and the ensuing discussions.

Annemarie revealed that although scenes featuring her family were filmed for the recent season of RHOBH, they were not included in the final edit. When questioned by Carlos about whether this omission was related to her husband’s alleged transphobic comments, Annemarie firmly denied any association with transphobia.

“I have no idea, but I am so happy to address that,” Annemarie said. “Calling someone transphobic is very hurtful, disgusting, and damaging. I support the trans community, trans rights, and women’s sports. No one is transphobic.”

She further elaborated on her husband’s stance regarding transgender female athletes competing in sports alongside cisgender female athletes.

“My husband’s stance on it is that he is not in support of it, and he’s in support of there being safe spaces for everybody, and I agree with that.”

Annemarie defended her position by highlighting physical differences like hand and heart size between individuals and their potential impact on athletic performance.

In February 2023, Annemarie’s husband took to Instagram to share his stance on trans women playing sports. The former NFL star said he had “no issue with transgenders” but had “an issue with athletes who are transgender women trying to compete against biological women.”

During the interview, Annemarie expressed frustration with her portrayal on RHOBH, alleging that she was “badgered” and “attacked” during discussions about her husband’s remarks. Still, those conversations didn’t make the final edit either.

Annemarie said that she believes that behind closed doors, the sentiments she holds are shared by the majority, estimating that “around 90 percent” of people hold similar views. Additionally, she claimed that her co-star Garcelle Beauvais shares her perspective but chooses not to express it openly.

Annemarie criticized the lack of rational discourse among her castmates and accused them of seeking to label her as transphobic without engaging in meaningful dialogue.

ET reached out to Garcelle for comment.

Addressing rumors linking her to political commentator Candace Owens, Annemarie vehemently denied any friendship, clarifying that she had never met Owens. She explained that her interest in Owens stemmed from Owens’ outspokenness on certain social issues, particularly a fashion campaign that Annemarie believed to be controversial.

Last month, Annemarie confirmed her exit from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after just one season.

Annemarie gave more shade in this interview than her one-season wonder behind did on RHOBH. Where was all this energy then?

She was an absolute bore on RHOBH, and I find it funny that she agrees with her husband with safe spaces not being available to everybody, but if someone said this about herself being a black woman in America I'm sure she and her short bus slow husband would be outraged.

You'd think Annemarie would be pro trans, especially with that strong jawline she's walking around with.

I wish Carlos would focus more on those reality shows no ones watching that he has on OWN and Bold & Bougeois instead of worrying about what they have going on on Bravo.

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