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Ariana Grande Announces Plans For a ‘Mini Tour’, Which Leaves Fans Frustrated

Ariana Grande knows fans are clamoring to hear Eternal Sunshine live, and fret not, she’s working on a plan to make that happen.

via: The Sun

The pop singer announced she's preparing for a "mini tour," but many fans weren't pleased with the news.

Ariana, 31, teased her tour during an appearance on the Shut Up Evan podcast, where she discussed her latest album, Eternal Sunshine.

She hinted to listeners that the tour would happen soon, but it will be different from the performances she usually delivers.

"I think it would be a really lovely idea to trickle in some shows in between the two Wicked films," the Thank You, Next singer shared, mentioning her starring role in the highly-anticipated Wicked movies, the first debuting in November 2024.

"I think there's a version of that that exists definitely for a multitude of reasons. [It's] not gonna be a tour in the way that I used to tour. It would be a mini, little sampling of shows, I think," Ariana added.

"I do think it would be really nice to do that, and it's something that my team and I are working on," she revealed.

After the episode aired, fans expressed their frustrations that Ariana's return to the stage wouldn't be the extensive world tour they hoped for.

"I'm in such a bad mood. Ariana Grande you ruined my day," one fan wrote on X.

"Take note that 'mini tour' means one tour in 2025 and one in 2026, less dates per year, in numbers of shows not in 'performance level' u know what i mean," said another.

"Literally just woke up and I’m already crying over this mini tour," admitted a third.

Ariana hasn't been on tour since her Sweetener World Tour wrapped in December 2019.

Instead, she's been focusing on her Wicked debut and other projects close to home.

Last month, the pop star addressed chatter that her voice sounds different than it did in the early days of her career.

Fans particularly noticed the change during a sit-down with Penn Badgley on his podcast Podcrushed.

Ariana responded to social media comments about the apparent voice switch on the episode, saying it was caused by "habit (speaking like this for two years) and also vocal health. i intentionally change my voice placement (high / low) often depending on how much singing i'm doing."

"I‘ve always done this BYE," the God Is A Woman singer added in a comment on a TikTok.

Ariana broke out in the showbiz industry when she was 14 years old, starring on the Nickelodeon show Victorious.

She released her first single, Put Your Hearts Up, in December 2011 and catapulted to massive fame.

However, the Dangerous Woman singer's voice isn't the only thing that's made headlines lately.

Ariana also came under major scrutiny last year when fans learned of her secret romance with her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater, 31, while they were married to other people.

The actress was married to her now-ex, Dalton Gomez, 28, and Ethan with the mother of his son, Lilly Jay.

They have since separated from their partners, and their relationship appears to be going strong, as they've been photographed together on numerous outings.

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