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My girl Brandy is back with her first single in almost seven years entitled Baby Mama. Since the release of Two Eleven the vocal bible has gone through a string of label troubles, which prevented her from properly releasing new music. But now she’s back and has recruited none other than Chance the Rapper on the track as well.

Brandy says she was nervous not only for the release of Baby Mama, but she’s nervous for the fans to listen to her upcoming album, because she says this is the first album where she’s had a hand in writing and producing every song on the record. She also revealed that while working on new music she decided to stay away from what was expected of her and just allowed the universe to guide her where she needed to go musically.

While working with Hitboy, DJ Camper, Cory Rooney, and an up and an coming producer named Yxshua, Brandy revealed that she wanted the fans to have the opportunity to listen to an album all the way through without skipping a single track. When she releases her new album I’ll make sure to write a review to see if she was able to accomplish what she set out to do.

Miss Thing, there’s no reason to be nervous, because Baby Mama is definitely a bop. The vocals are tight as always, and since I’m listening to the track in headphones as I write this review, Hitboy’s did his thing on the production.

Brandy’s seventh album drops later this year. Take a listen to Baby Mama below…

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