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Aural Orgasm: Cakes Da Killa Feat. Sevndeep - Sip of My Sip

While the mainstream media is busy giving Beyoncé and Drake all the accolades for ushering house music back into the Billboard Top 200 , Cakes da Killa is reminding all you heauxs that he's been doing the hip house sound for years with the release of his latest single Sip of My Sip.

My favorite Out rapper has also recruited another one of me favorite rappers, the one and only Sevndeep on the track as well and they definitely take turns serving it up lovely over the sultry house beat.

Here's what Cakes said inspired the track:

“’Sip Of My Sip’ is a moody club banger inspired by a one night stand. I’m sure all partygoers can relate! It’s the perfect entry point for ears to dive into the new sound I’ve been developing with long-time collaborator Sam Katz. Featuring Sevndeep, the track is steamy, sexy and braggadocios; elements listeners have come to expect from a Cakes record.”

I know Cakes might not be a huge household name, but y'all definitely gonna put some respect on it and him. If you haven't heard his previous EP's, definitely stream Muvaland Vol. 1 and 2.

Also check out Sevndeep's music and his videos as well, because he's another talent you should be keeping your eyes on.

I can't wait for the video to drop because I know it's going to be fire!

In the meantime, check out Sip of My Sip below...


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