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One of my all time favorite 80s synth pop duos Erasure are back with Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling), the first single off their 18th studio album The Neon.

According to a press release, “The Neon is a place that lives in the imagination. It could be a nightclub, a shop, a city, a cafe, a country, a bedroom, a restaurant, any place at all. It’s a place of possibility in warm, glowing light and this is music that takes you there.” And the dynamic new single is just that warm. “Walk through the city/singing Hallelujah,” Bell sings gleefully over gameshow-type synths.

The 10-track album was written and produced by Erasure and recorded in Atlanta earlier this year. “It was about refreshing my love — hopefully our love — of great pop,” Bell explained in a statement. “I want kids now to hear these songs! I wanted to recharge that feeling that pop can come from anyone.”

As for most of their albums, The Neon is a celebration of the clarity and joy the duo felt while writing. “Our music is always a reflection of how we’re feeling,” Clarke says in a press release. “Andy was in a good place spiritually, and so was I—really good places in our minds. You can hear that.”

The Neon is the follow up to 2017’s World Be Gone, and is scheduled to drop on August 21 via Mute Records. As for Hey Now, there’s not much to say except that sonically it’s signature Erasure. By signature I mean channeling the upbeat, euphoric vibe that made them household names in the 80s.

I also feel that in these dire times we could use a little joy, and Erasure has always given me that sense of joy whenever I listen to their music.

“If you’re doing music, you should use it for something and have substance,” Bell once told Seventeen. “Being gay and open about it is my substance.”

Check out Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling) and The Neon track-list below…

The Neon album cover

The Neon Tracklist:

1. Hey Now (Think I Got a Feeling) 2. Nerves of Steel 3. Fallen Angel 4. No Point In Tripping 5. Shot A Satellite 6. Tower of Love 7. Diamond Lies 8. New Horizons 9. Careful What I Try to Do 10. Kid You’re Not Alone

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