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Bad Bunny Sues Fan For Posting Most Wanted Concert Footage On YouTube

Bad Bunny is upset with a fan, so much so that he's filed a lawsuit against said fan who posted videos of a recent concert of his online.

According to TMZ, Bad Buny has hit a man named Eric Guillermo Madronal Garrone with a lawsuit for posting long-form footage of his February 21 concert in Salt Lake City.

Garrone stands accused of sharing videos – including full performances – of Bad Bunny’s show on his YouTube channel, MADforliveMUSIC.

Per the suit, the 29-year-old is seeking an injunction barring Garrone from sharing the videos online — as well as either $150,000 for each of the videos posted or any actual damages he can prove that he incurred by way of the postings.

Within the filing, Bad Bunny asserts that he owns the rights to the music in the performances and did not grant rights for Garrone’s usage in any capacity. He stresses that Garrone’s unauthorized actions redirect views (and in turn ad revenue) away from his YouTube channel – thus the losses.

Before proceeding with the suit, he made a formal complaint with YouTube, which temporarily resulted in the removal of the videos. However, they were restored when Garrone filed an appeal.

TMZ adds, clearly, Garrone had a great view at the show and some high-quality camera equipment … and this orchestra footage runs 9 minutes in the YouTube upload.

If Garrone was shooting/posting similar videos for the rest of Bad Bunny’s concert — as Bunny claims — it seems a lot different than just uploading a cell phone video of the show to social media …. as millions of people do. In fact, lots of shorter clips of his concert from that evening are up on TikTok — but none of them are all that lengthy.

Bad Bunny is literally becoming that person that no one will like in the next five years. I'm not saying it's right, but people have been posting full concerts on YouTube for years. You get rid of one, like roaches a few more pop up.

I also find it quite strange that out of all the concerts he's headlined, Bad Bunny decides to sue a fan over this one? Is it because of the reports that came out a few weeks ago that he's struggling to sell tickets because the prices are too high?

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