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Ben Affleck Allegedly Furious At Jennifer Lopez For Pushing Him To Get Botox After Fans Diss His Look

Amid reports of ongoing marital problems, Ben Affleck apparently has another gripe with his wife Jennifer Lopez – the fact that he felt pressured by her to get work done, which has backfired amongst his fans.

"Ben's comedy roast of Tom Brady seems to have backfired," a source told In Touch on Tuesday, May 7. "He was coming for the public's negative social media comments towards Tom but ended up igniting a firestorm about his own appearance. He's furious because he's getting slammed for fillers and Botox that Jen pushed him to get."

The 51-year-old apparently partly blames his wife for the negative response to his new face. "Ben's upset with Jen because if it wasn't for her he would never get work done, but she's convinced him that everybody in Hollywood does a little facial maintenance, including his good friends, like Matt Damon," the informant continued.

Despite his resentment, the "Gone Girl" star "takes responsibility for agreeing to certain procedures, but from now on he says he wants to age gracefully," the source added. However, according to the source, Jen "doesn't agree. She says he looks great, but that's where they're at."

Ben sparked plastic surgery rumors following his appearance at "The Greatest Roast of All Time" which was broadcast live on Sunday, May 5. One viewer wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, "Ben Affleck's face lift looks insane." Another similarly guessed, "Ben Affleck is on stage fresh from a face lift."

A confused fan asked, "THIS is Ben Affleck? Why does his face look so different? It's almost like he had some nip & tucks done." Someone else mocked him as saying, "Ben Affleck couldn't afford good plastic surgery? No wonder he seems so angry. That's permanent."

Denying the rumors, insiders told Daily Mail that Ben did not go under the knife, but he was simply clean shaven and had had some botox. "He had Botox - everyone gets it before events. He has not had filler and definitely no surgery," one of the sources said.

The sources claimed that J.Lo is more than happy with his appearance and would not be keen for him to get surgery. "Jennifer would not be keen on him changing his handsome face, nor would he want to," they added. "Ben is confident in his skin. He just wanted it tighter."

Ben's crazy looking face should be the least of his worries, and the focus should be on that stupid rant where he decided to go in on fans saying mean things about Tom Brady online instead of actually roasting him.

Also, I would need a little botox too if my wife's insufferable behavior made me feel like I'd rather have all of my teeth pulled without anesthesia rather than deal with her bitchy attitude.

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