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Bethenny Frankel & Leah McSweeney Slam Andy Cohen’s ‘Shocking’ Reaction to Bravo Allegations

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

The Real Housewives of New York City alum Bethenny Frankel is calling out Andy Cohen for his subtle reaction to the recent allegations made against Bravo.

via: Page Six

The “Real Housewives of New York City” alum released a “Rewives” podcast episode Thursday addressing the Instagram meme the Bravo exec commented on earlier that same day.

The @watchwhatcrappens social media upload joked that “Vanity Fair [broke] the news that adults drink and Ramona [Singer] is racist,” referencing the outlet’s Monday exposé, and Cohen responded to it with a laughing-crying emoji.

Frankel, 52, called the “Watch What Happens Live” host’s subtle reaction “shocking, especially right now.”

She claimed that Cohen, 55, “thinks he’s invincible” despite Leah McSweeney filing a discrimination complaint against the network and Singer getting axed from BravoCon — and her real estate gig — amid fallout from the piece.

“Riddle me this,” Frankel said. “If Andy Cohen is laughing at something regarding racism, why would he not be asked to leave BravoCon if Ramona texted something to someone in the media?

“It’s 50 shades of bulls–t is what it actually is across the board,” the Skinnygirl creator continued, noting that “for the first time in Andy’s career, he’s starting to feel what it feels like to be a Housewife.”

Frankel explained, “Every day something you say is being written about, no one is there to save you, no one is there to protect you, you’re on your own, getting canceled, losing sleep, drinking more than you should because you have anxiety, taking anxiety medication, taking sleep medication.”

She shared her hopes that “maybe he’ll be sensitive to other Housewives on TV as he starts to experience constant criticism,” concluding, “Watch what happens.”

Cohen’s rep has yet to respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

Frankel was not the only former Housewife to clap back at Cohen’s emoji use on Thursday, with McSweeney, 41, also slamming him.

“Wow. Andy thinks racism and addiction is hilarious,” the fashion designer wrote on her Story. “Good to know.”

In addition to documenting the pressure McSweeney felt to break her sobriety while filming, the Vanity Fair piece also highlighted Singer’s alleged racial comments.

Eboni K. Williams told the outlet that her “RHONY” co-star said “most” Black people don’t have present fathers during a “virtual education session” ahead of filming Season 14.

Singer, who did admit to “ask[ing] a question about a statistic [she] had read,” was also accused of using the N-word in a conversation with a Black crew member — although an internal investigation came up inconclusive.

The 66-year-old refuted this in a text to a Page Six reporter but used a partial racial slur in her denial, writing, “And the word I used was ‘NWord’ Not n-g……”

Singer was subsequently cut from this year’s BravoCon festival in Las Vegas.

Andy wants to be a Housewife so bad, and loves that he has these clucking hens kissing his ass for his attention and season approval.

I also thought he'd be more empathetic towards black people or POC in general, but this is the same man that has sex with young black men, but laughs off racist allegations that is plaguing the network he's become the face of.

So Bethenny, you can continue to keep waiting for him to have empathy for other Housewives in the future, because I feel the day that happens is when they start serving ice water in hell.

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