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Beyoncé and Rihanna Make Forbes List Of RIchest Self Made Women

Congratulations to two of the biggest and baddest female musicians to ever do it - Beyoncé and Rihanna, who have made Forbes' list of richest self-made women.

Forbes recently released its Richest Self-Made Women list. While the list was not limited to entertainers, it featured several popular musicians who claimed high-ranking spots. Unsurprisingly, big names like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift made the list. In addition to a number ranking, each entry on the list has a “self-made score.” Leading the pack among musicians was Rihanna. She was ranked at No. 20. Besides headlining the Super Bowl, she has seen tremendous success with her Fenty Beauty brand. Reportedly, it has doubled in value. In addition, Rihanna has her Savage x Fenty lingerie company. With a reported net worth of $1.4 billion and a self-made score of 10, Rihanna’s entrepreneurial ventures have contributed significantly to her wealth.

Following closely behind Rihanna at No. 34 is Taylor Swift. The pop singer has a net worth of $740 million. Swift is expected to earn even more with her record-breaking Eras Tour. A Latin American leg was recently announced. However, the tour has also faced controversy due to the highly publicized Ticketmaster dispute. In addition to her music ventures, Swift is also making her way into feature directing. This marks her first foray into this role.

Queen Bey herself, Beyoncé, is also featured on the Forbes list. She ranks at No. 48 with a net worth of $540 million. The singer is currently on her Renaissance World Tour across Europe. She has also been collaborating with huge names in fashion like Balmain. Beyoncé’s ventures span various successful industries. Recently, she also made headlines for purchasing the most expensive home ever sold in California with Jay-Z.

Swift and Beyoncé both earned self-made scores of 8, highlighting their achievements and contributions to their wealth. The list also includes other notable female musicians. These include Madonna at No. 45, Céline Dion at No. 56, Dolly Parton at No. 59, and Barbra Streisand at No. 61. The list showcases the diverse presence of talented women in the music industry, many of whom have achieved remarkable financial success.

Eat your heart out Kar-Jenners, because this is the true definition of self made. Women who came from nothing and created a lane for themselves in the world of music and influence without getting a leg up based on social status or family lineage.

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