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Beyoncé Claps Back At Designer Who Claims Her Stylist Didn't Pay Him

Beyoncé is letting it be known that she's not playing with y'all anymore when it comes to claims that she's stiffing people for their papers.

After fashion and art designer Nusi Quero accused her stylist, Marni Senofonte, of not paying him for his work on the album, Beyoncé’s publicist disputed the “deeply troubling” claims.

“It is deeply troubling that designer Nusi Quero has posted damaging statements about Marni Senofonte regarding non-payments for work completed. In fact, he was paid for his work, and there is proof of all payments made,” they claim.

Bey’s rep told us, “We have been in communication with his team and there were three payments made to him. The first payment was made on May 9, 2022.”

Quero took to Instagram earlier this week and blasted Senofonte for allegedly stiffing him on pay for his work on the album, including its cover.

“As a stylist for B, I really expected the best from you and your team,” he said in an open letter. “But since you won’t responded to texts and emails. I supposed this is the final venue I can utilize before legal means to settle your outstanding balances, that you’ve owed me and my collaborator for about 3 months,” he further claimed.

Quero claimed: “Marni paid a 50 percent deposit to me for one of the three jobs, (not the album cover), nothing more, and it took over a month to get it to us.” And while he admitted that there was an issue with his bank, he alleged it was immediately corrected.

Beyonce’s rep told us his accusations are completely false and confirmed there were issues with his bank.

For example, “the second payment, a fifty percent down payment on the agreed cost, was made via wire on July 8, 2022. The third and final payment was returned when he changed his account number. It was returned as an invalid account number based on an error on his part,” the rep said.

“After persistent and exhausting communication to get the correct information on his account and two unsuccessful wire transfer attempts, a physical check was mailed to him for final payment on September 29, 2022,” they added.

On Thursday, Quero removed his post and Stories from Instagram.

He has not responded to requests for comment.

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