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Big Dipper Dragged For Saying He Gives Potential Hookups a False Address Before Meeting Up With Them

Out rapper and co-host of the Sloppy Seconds podcast is being dragged on social media over a segment some are saying should have remained on the cutting room floor.

While chatting with co-host Meatball and special guest RuPaul's Drag Race legend Ben Delacreme, Dipper revealed his shady tactic on how he screens guys he meets on hook-up aps.

“I sometimes give people my address, but not my apartment number, so I can look out the window,” Dipper told Meatball and BenDelaChrist.

Meatball and Dela looked confused, asking if he then sometimes ghosts the person, and doesn’t even tell them “thank you, but not for me.”

“What I actually do is give them the apartment number across the street, and then when I see them looking around, I’ll be like, ‘oh, I’m across the street in this unit,’ and then they’ll come over.”

“But if not then they’re banging on that person’s door?” Meatball asked, bewildered.

“If they wanna bang on the door!” Dipper laughed in response. “I’m saying it’s clearly an apartment, it’s not like a house across the street.”

“That’s kind of mean Dipper,” Meatball replied.

“Well it’s just a safety precaution for me,” Dipper defended. “These are guys that I’m messaging with no photos, completely random.”

“You thought we were all gonna be on your side, and now it’s like, ‘you might be sick,’” Meatball interjected.

“So when you glance out the window, what are you looking for that’s making you decide whether to be this cruel?” BenDelaCreme asked.

“If I’m attracted to them or not,” Dipper admitted. “He only waited in the car for like, 20 or 30 minutes of messaging me, ‘are you not there? Are you coming?’”

“Dela this is f*cked up, huh?” Meatball asked.

“This is deeply f*cked up,” BenDela confirmed.

Naturally, after the clip circulated on IG and TikTok, gay Twitter had some thoughts:

I should mention that the controversial clip was used to promote the pod, but it's not included in the full episode.

Check out the episode below...

This is absolutely gross, and mean-spirited. While I like Dipper's music, and I am a fan of the Sloppy Seconds podcast, I think someone who isn't Brad Pitt or Aaron Taylor Johnson in the looks department shouldn't be pulling messy stunts like this.

Even if he looked like Brad or Aaron, anyone who practices this kind of behavior is deplorable.

He also said these are guys who don't even show him what they look like? With all the games people play on these apps, why even entertain faceless hookups in the first place?

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