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Billionaire David Geffen Marries Model Donovan Michaels

Word on the street is that 80-year-old multi-billionaire magnate David Geffen has tied the knot with his partner former adult film star Donovan Michaels, 30.

The 80 year old billionaire wed his 30 year old boyfriend Donovan Michaels in Beverly Hills, they say. Two couples attended the small ceremony which was held in the shroud of secrecy.

Congrats to all.

Geffen, a media mogul, is said to be worth $7.7 billion. He’s used much of his wealth in enormous acts of philanthropy, endowing museums, arts centers, and hospitals.

In the past Geffen was famously linked with Cher. But in more recent years he’s had a string of boyfriends. And now he’s tied the knot. Joni Mitchell sang that Geffen was a “free man in Paris” once. No more!

“David has loved Donovan for a while, and they had been talking about taking the next step together,” an anonymous source said.

The source added, “David waited a long time to find the right partner, and Donovan is definitely the one.”

Congrats on that interracial Anna Nicole Smith/J. Howard Marshall kind of love.

Check out some more images of Donovan Michaels below…

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