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Billy Porter Releases New Album Black Mona Lisa

Today, Billy Porter releases his long-awaited new album, Black Mona Lisa, via Island Records UK / Republic Records. Executive produced by hitmaker Justin Tranter, Black Mona Lisa is Porter’s most personal creative endeavor to date.


Listen to Black Mona LisaHERE.


Billy Porter comments on the new album, "So many of the songs on my album have a very similar theme - getting to a place of recognizing your own worth and celebrating yourself. The world will try to tell you who you are, and the world will try to decide if you matter. No outside force or entity gets to decide that. “Black Mona Lisa,” the song, is the pinnacle of everything on the album, hence also being the name of the album. We do not need your tolerance, but we do demand your respect. Knowing your self-worth, your value, being able to stand firmly in your authentic self, those things are worth more than gold, and you will pay me as such."


“Billy is one of the great talents of our generation.” Justin Tranter, executive producer of Black Mona Lisa, comments on his collaboration with Porter, “Helping bring his story to life through music was a true honor. The second we wrote the song Black Mona Lisa I knew we stumbled on one of those magic moments that we live for as songwriters. I’m so excited the world finally gets to hear it.”


Black Mona Lisa the album boasts the title track “Black Mona Lisa” and features fan favorite singles “Baby Was A Dancer,” “Stranger Things,” “Fashion,” “Broke A Sweat,” and most recently released “Children (What Time It Is)” feat. Lady Blackbird.  Check out the full tracklisting for Black Mona Lisa below.


Earlier this year, he wrapped the 25-city nationwide tour, THE BLACK MONA LISA TOUR: VOLUME 1. The show was hugely successful with both fans and critics alike. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote: “Stunning” and “one-of-a-kind,” a “rare kind of performance” with “above all else, transcendent joy.” Louisville’s LEO Weekly called the show “spectacular, inspiring, dazzling.” The Minneapolis Star-Tribune noted Porter’s “panache” and “sumptuous outfits.”

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