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Blueface Gets Probation for Las Vegas Shooting

Rapper Blueface was given a suspended sentence of 24 to 60 months for allegedly shooting and injuring a man outside a Las Vegas strip club last year.

via: Pitchfork

“He has the ability to earn a reduction to a gross misdemeanor charge upon successful completion of his probation,” his attorney, Kristina M. Wildeveld, tells Pitchfork. “He is ultimately just looking forward to getting back to focusing on his music career and moving forward with his life.”

The rapper was arrested last year in connection with the shooting of a man named Kentavious Traylor at a Las Vegas strip club. He was initially charged with attempted murder in the case, but he pleaded guilty to reduce the charge to battery.

Blueface was recently charged in Clark County, Nevada, with felony robbery. The new charge stems from an alleged incident involving a fan who tried to film Blueface’s sometime partner Chrisean Rock using a cellphone. The rapper has a status hearing in the case set for Wednesday, October 4, according to online court records.

Blueface is a whole ass clown who has no regard for anything he does, and should have been sentenced to much longer than 24 months. Maybe he'll get some prison time from the felony robbery case.

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