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Bob The Drag Queen And Mistress Isabelle Brooks Send Gay Twitter Into A Tailspin With Diss Tracks

Da gorls are fighting, as RuPaul's Drag Race season 9 winner Bob The Drag Queen and season 15 frontrunner Mistress Isabelle Brooks are channeling their inner-Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma by unleashing diss tracks at each other.

Things escalated between the two queens when Mistress took to Twitter to say that Bob had stepped out of pocket with comments she made on her podcast Sibling Rivalry with Monet X Change.

As a response to the tweet, Bob stated that she would be joining forces with Salina EsTitties to take down Mistress in the form of a diss track.

I listened to both tracks the day they dropped, and I have to say while I love the beats for Read You Wrote You and I'm That Bitch, Bob definitely ate with his bars, which isn't all that surprising because Bob released an EP entitled Gay Barz last month.

Even gay Twitter gave their thoughts on the tracks, tweeting the following:

Before the serious Drag Race fanatics get their tits in a twist and start asserting themselves in drag queen drama via their usual online bullying, I should point out that the rivalry is all in good fun. Both queens were spotted hanging out together recently at a nightclub on Monday (April 3).

Take a listen to both tracks below...

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