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Boosie Claims He Turned Down $250k To Perform At Pride Event

One of the biggest homophobes and transphobes in hip hop Miss Bussy is claiming he turned down a quarter of a million dollars to perform at a Pride event.

via: AllHipHop

Back in 2021, Boosie took issue with Lil Nas X kissing another man during his performance at that year’s BET Awards. His criticism of the male-on-male moment then spiraled into personal attacks and threats.

By October of that year, Boosie was catching heat online for calling Lil Nas X a “f#####” and telling the then-22-year-old musician to commit suicide. LNX’s father even got involved in the public feud between the two entertainers.

Boosie has also been very critical of ex-NBA player Dwyane Wade accepting his underage, transgender daughter Zaya Wade. That led to a highly publicized back-and-forth with Dwyane’s wife, actress Gabrielle Union.

It appears Boosie’s staunch views about homosexuality and gender identity even prevented him from making money. In a recent interview with The Danza Project, Boosie recalled putting his personal beliefs over his bank account.

“Companies don’t wanna mess with me for the things I speak about. It’s a lot of losses and it’s a lot of gains also. But I’m not being real for money,” said Boosie. “If that’s the case, I can sell my soul for anything.”

The southerner also stated, “I’ve been offered a quarter-million to go to perform at LGBT community things, big money. I told them I have nothing against it at all, but that’s not what I push and that’s not what I believe in.”

I would like to know who were the dingbat promoters that thought it would be a great idea to want to book a musician who has stood ten toes down on his bigoted views on gay and trans people, particularly Zaya Wade and Lil Nas X. Boosie also has a gay daughter and a gay manager.

I really wish instead of promoters always looking to throw money at the hottest artist of the moment, or so-called "allies" of the community that they would put some money behind the openly queer R&B, pop and hip hop artists making music for us.

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