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Boosie Says He Loves His Daughter Even Though He Doesn't Accept Her Being Gay

Back in January of this year, news broke that homophobic "rapper" Miss Bussy's daughter, who goes by the name Poison Ivi had come out as a lesbian.

Bussy appeared on VladTV for the five millionth time (since no one else will give him an interview) to talk about his daughter coming out, and said he found out on social media.

He also said while his daughter is grown and can do 'whatever she wants," he and his family will always love her, but being gay has never been accepted in their family.

If this is what loving your child to death looks like, then I don't want it. This hood booger just spews all kinds of BS out of his cotton mouth and while it's good for Vlad's ratings, this kind of rhetoric is exactly why so many queer kids end up homeless, on drugs or dead by suicide.

This is the same man who had his underaged child sleep with a grown woman so that he wouldn't turn gay, and now that you have a gay child you want to hide behind God? He also has a manager who's gay.

Since Bussy's music isn't selling, I truly feel he's found a way to monetize ignorance, and unfortunately there are a lot of people who are entertained by his shenanigans.

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