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Boy George Slammed For Ripping off Kylie Minogue's Tension Album Cover: ‘What The Hell is This?’

Clearly Boy George can't get Kylie Minogue out of his head, because the artwork for his new track “Religion” features the 62-year-old gay singer in his signature beard and hat combo, coloured in a green hue similar to the cover art to Minogue's 2023 album Tension.

Fans online have pointed out that the image looks very similar to Minogue’s artwork for her album “Tension,” released in September.

“I know that every masterpiece has its cheap copy but what the hell is this…” one fan wrote, posting the similar images next to each other.

Another fan posted on X, “Did Boy George lose a bet with Kylie? Is this some elaborate publicity stunt for a duet album? The plot thickens.”

Boy George nicking Kylie’s album cover is insane,” another fan posted, while a fourth fan wrote, “Did Boy George really thinking copying Kylie would mask how bad the song is?”

In 2014, when Boy George introduced Minogue’s performance at the GLAAD awards, she told him onstage that he had “always been an inspiration; always would be.” Apparently, he feels the same way about her a decade later.

On Sunday, Boy George responded to a social media post, questioning the similarity between the artwork.

“I’m recycling everything. It’s all the rage. Even fashion is catching on?” he wrote on X. 

When one fan called him an “a-hole,” and posted Boy George’s artwork next to an image of Minogue’s, highlighting the similarities, Boy George replied, calling himself an “utter genius.” 

When yet another Minogue fan accused him of “leaking” her hit “Padam Padam,” Boy George also replied to them, saying, “I wrote Padam!”

Norwegian singer/songwriter Ina Wroldsen and producer Lostboy are credited as the writers on that song, so it’s unclear if Boy George was joking. 

Boy George is returning to Broadway (after appearing in “Taboo” in 2004), playing the role of the impresario in the Tony Award-winning musical “Moulin Rouge” until May 12.

Minogue is just the latest pop diva that he has had controversy with. In his memoir “Karma: My Autobiography,” published in January, he claimed that Madonna was “too full of herself” to acknowledge him.

The former Culture Club lead singer said he’s still a fan of Madonna’s work, but claimed she doesn’t have a “sense of humor.”

In an interview with the Associated Press, Boy George said, “I probably am the most prolific songwriter I know. I just write every day. I’m not saying every single one of them is a gem, but I think when you keep doing stuff, you just get better at it, you know?”

The Post reached out to reps for Boy George and Minogue for comment. 

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