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Brielle Biermann Sued by American Express Over Unpaid Credit Card Debt

Like mother, like daughter. Kim Zolciak's eldest daughter Brielle Biermann is being sued by AmEX for being tardy with an unpaid credit card bill.

Page Six can confirm that the influencer, 26, has a debt with American Express over an unpaid credit card bill.

Biermann has an outstanding balance of $12,870.25, per court documents we obtained.

However, her rep told us Tuesday that all will be “paid by tomorrow morning.”

The “Don’t Be Tardy” alum had not been making her monthly minimum payments, which is listed as $1,381.88 in the complaint. That total also includes a past-due amount of $896.62.

Biermann was required to make her latest payment by June 27, but since she failed to do so, American Express is now seeking the full amount plus court costs.

Biermann’s lawsuit comes just two months after Target came after her mother, Kim Zolciak, for unpaid credit card fees.

The retail giant sued the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum for $2,482.24 in June.

Brielle’s adoptive father, Kroy Biermann, was also sued that same month for skipping out on car payments for his Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which is worth about $400,100.

The family’s financial issues caused a strain on the married couple, who raced to the courthouse in May to file for divorce.

That same month, TMZ reported that Zolciak, 45, and Kroy, 37, allegedly owed the IRS more than $1 million in unpaid taxes, interest and penalties from 2013, 2017 and 2018.

The pair — whose Georgia mansion entered foreclosure and was put up for auction in February — also owed the state of Georgia $15,000 in unpaid taxes for 2018.

However, they were able to work out a deal, and an auction for the home was canceled.

Even though the “Tardy for the Party” singer and the former NFL star ultimately decided to get back together and work on their relationship, money woes have reportedly still been causing a rift between the two heads of household.

Sources told TMZ earlier this month that the couple has “steep financial troubles” that are threatening to end their relationship for good.

Zolciak and Kroy’s relationship was compared to somewhat of a roller coaster, with the pair being good one day and then “at each other’s throats” and having “blowups” the next.

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