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Britney Spears and Will I Am's New Song Mind Your Business Divides The Internet

Britney Spears and Will I Am have a new song out called Mind Your Business, and just like their previous collaboration Scream & Shout, it's a hot, ear bleeding autotuned mess.

First of all the cover art is as dated as the song, because we all know they didn't get Britbot to show up on set to strike a pose for the single cover.

Second of all how dare Will I Ain't exploit Britney for clout because he hasn't had a hit on the radio since I Got A Feeling. Yes he's been currently chasing the Reggaeton trend, but that feels as 2000 and late as when he jumped on the EDM bandwagon back in the early 2000s.

Now the rest of the world has finally heard the first piece of new music since 2022 when Britney asked Elton John to "Hold Her Closer Tony Danza", or however the hell that song goes, and the innanet has some overall thoughts.

First let's get into the vocals. If you remember, Will I Am produced the majority of Britney's album Britney Jean, a record which a lot of her fans did not like. Since the album's release a decade ago, that album has been steeped in controversy, with many believing that Britney is not singing most of the album’s tracks. The popular fan theory, though denied by Britney’s team, is that Britney back-up singer Myah Marie was the lead vocalist on the majority of the album.

Many believe Myah's robotic vocals dominate Mind Your Business, and that the song is a reworked Britney Jean track that was originally left on the cutting room floor.

Here's my overall thoughts on the track. There have been so many bops aimed at the gays this year, from Jessie Ware, Roisin Murphy, Alison Goldfrapp, Aluna, Adam Lambert, Kylie Minogue, Troye Sivan, Sam Smith and Kim Petras. But no shade, Mind Your Business sounds like a schizophrenic EDM song made for straight women wearing tight dresses with no ass doing an off beat two step while drunkenly luxuriating in VIP at a nightclub in Mykonos.

Like the jewel they threw in the ocean in Titanic (and referenced in Oops...I DId It Again), please drown this entire song. We also have to stop uplifting mediocrity just because you’re thirsty for your fave to drop new music.

If the song is trash, it's perfectly okay to not like said song. Don't let these Stan's bully you into liking a song if you don't like it.

I would rather listen to Got A Soaking Clock by Monica Beverly Hillz on a loop than listen to this dated mess again.

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