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Cardi B Checks Offset & Quavo Amid Their Alleged Fight Backstage At Grammys

On Monday, word began to spread via TMZ that Offset and Quavo came to blows backstage at the Grammys, which Offset denied.

Now audio footage has leaked courtesy of Entertainment Tonight where you can hear Offset's wife Cardi B yelling at both him and Quavo amid their heated argument backstage at the Grammys.

Take a listen below:

I've felt that there's been tension between Offset and Quavo for a long time, and I started to notice the signs around the time when Quavo and Takeoff opted to release a joint album.

It's sad that they can't work things out, with an unnecessary argument bringing such a dark cloud to the Grammys.

I must say I got to give it up to Cardi for not choosing sides, and scolding both her husband and Quavo for not being able to put their differences aside to celebrate Takeoff during the In Memorium.

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