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Cardi B Says She Doesn't Expect Artists She Collaborates With To 'Pick A Side'

Unlike other female rappers who shall not be named, Cardi B says she doesn't expect the artists she works with to pick a side.

via: Complex

The comments stem from an interview Cardi gave to Tamara Dhia on The Spout Podcast last month amid coverage of “Bongos,” her second collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion.

“I just sometimes do be afraid and everything because I’m the type of person that if I like you and I meet you and we do a song, I don’t expect, like, you to pick a side or anything,” Cardi said after the host praised her for “championing and collaborating with other women” in the industry while many still are hellbent on pitting them against each other. “I feel like you can work with whoever you wanna work with. Because at the end of the day, this is a business and you gotta look out for yourself always.”

That said, Cardi added, she would prefer if artists she chooses to work with refrain from “fake bitch” behavior.

“Just don’t shit on me or don’t show me you’re kinda like a fake bitch because that be breaking my heart,” she said.

See more in the video below. The comments in question arrive a little after the five-minute mark.

While Cardi’s remarks were not made in reference to a specific person or situation, the podcast clip resurfaced following baseless claims that made the rounds last month in response to news that Nicki Minaj’s husband had received a house arrest order.

“KEEP ME AND MY MANS OUT YALL FUCKIN MOUTH!!!” Cardi said in a tweet in response to chatter alleging she and Offset somehow had something to do with this legal development.

Also in September, Cardi B made her Hot Ones debut, resulting in a memorable episode during which she spoke about her love of FDR and shared her thoughts on recent UAP news.

Listen, I don't understand these ridiculous beefs when there's enough money to go around in this industry of music. If I'm a fan of Cardi and I'm also a fan of other artists who she has worked with.

No one should have to be put in the middle of any kind of beef, or have to choose who they should work with out of fear of being "disloyal."

To me people who force you to choose are not only manipulative, but it also shows how insecure you really are as a person.

I think this is also why people love working with Cardi. There never seems to be a motive or malice when she's working with other women, and to me she seems like a girl's girl.

From what I've seen, Cardi champions other women, and at the end of the day she knows working with a Megan or a GloRilla or other female rappers benefits them both out in the long run.

Save all the petty emotional shit for your memoir.

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