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Charlamagne Tha God Apologizes Over Reesa Teesa Big Back Comments

Charlamagne Tha God is apologizing for comments he made about the "big back" community last week after he reportedly hurt someone with his words.

On Monday, March 4, The Breakfast Club's Jess Hilarious shared a clip from The Tamron Hall Show's upcoming interview with Reesa Teesa, a woman who recently rose to fame thanks to her "Who Did I Marry?" series on TikTok. Reesa Teesa claimed a "famous media personality" called her a "big back," which was "disappointing" and "hurtful" to her. Jess singled out Uncle Charla as the alleged personality, which prompted a swift apology.

"All jokes aside," Charlamagne began, "I tell y'all all the time the easiest way to keep your own peace is to not disturb the peace of others. I disturbed that woman's peace and that wasn't my intention so I apologize if my words made her feel that way."

Charlamagne continued by offering up two points he wanted to make before they moved on. First of all, he clarified that he never said anything specifically about her size. He said he didn't even know what she looked like at the time, and even specified that regardless of what a person looks like there's always someone out there for them. Charlamagne also declared that if people do not want to hear other opinions about the things they share publicly on the Internet, then they should keep it off social media.

"I personally feel like we have to stop bringing this stuff to social media if you don't want people to have an opinion on it," he said. "Some of this stuff should just be reserved to our therapists if we can't handle people having an opinion about whatever we are venting about. Keep it off social media."

Charlamagne and Joe Budden have a lot in common. They stay insulting people, and once they get dragged on social media, or when the things that they say ends up making it on shows like Tamron Hall, then they want to issue apologies. The Breakfast Club has become a joke, and neither co-host on that panel have the mental bandwidth to engage in real conversations, whether social or political.

He literally said in the first video that she was giving big back energy, and under the same breath asked Jess HE-larious if Reesa Teesa had a big back.

If you're going to generalize plus sized women as desperate for a man when you were out there allegedly cheating on your wife, be a man and stand ten toes down on your comments. Otherwise, keep your half-assed apology to yourself if you don't really mean it.

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