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Cher Allegedly Dating Amber Rose's Ex Alexander Edwards

Cher, 76, is apparently making headlines today because she was spotted getting cozy with Amber Rose's ex Alexander "AE" Edwards who is 40 years younger than her.

The “Believe” singer, 76, was photographed holding hands with the music executive, 36, as they entered celebrity hotspot Craig’s in West Hollywood.

At one point, AE was seen delicately kissing Cher’s hand while they were in a car. He also seemed extra attentive when he told her to watch her step as she encountered a curb.

The music icon wore an all-black ensemble consisting of baggy slacks, a belted top, a long, flowing trench coat and boots. She carried a sparkly black sequined backpack in her free hand as her other hand latched on to her date.

AE appeared to have coordinated his outfit with Cher’s, looking sleek in a black leather button-down shirt and matching pants with a black overcoat.

The unlikely duo met up with Tyga for dinner at the trendy restaurant, just days after the “Rack City” rapper, 32, was photographed at Cher’s Malibu mansion.

Tyga showed up to Craig’s looking casual in a gray T-shirt under a navy zip-up sweatshirt, leather pants and a beanie atop his head.

Cher’s rep did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

If Cher likes it, who am I to judge? But I saw some people online calling hypocrisy of alot of commenter's who were all for Cher dating a younger man, but are quick to spew their misogynistic shade towards Madonna whenever they see he with someone old enough to be one of her children.

Not saying that it's right or fair, but I think maybe the reason why people are more lenient towards Cher versus Madonna, is because Cher is pretty low key when it comes to her private life. Maybe people get irritated by Madonna is because everything she does becomes a spectacle.

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