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Cher Calls Off Wedding To Boy Toy Alexander AE Edwards Due To Family Concerns

Updated: May 1, 2023

Word on the street is that Cher's family has grown concerned over the Oscar winner and music icon's romance to much younger boyfriend Alexander 'AE' Edwards. They believe Alex, who was once linked to Amber Rose has his eyes set on her multi-million dollar fortune.

“For a while, Cher followed this guy around like a lovesick puppy, but the blinders seem to be coming off,” said an insider. And another source said, “Cher’s starting to see Alexander in a different light.”

We’re told the two are still together, but Cher has pumped the brakes a bit. The legendary entertainer, who turns 77, on May 20, was recently caught on camera in Los Angeles with no sign of the massive diamond ring given by Edwards, 37.

Cher first flaunted the sparkler in December — but some speculated she paid for the rock with her own cash! Since the Oscar winner hooked up with the Oakland native after meeting him last fall in Paris, sources said she’d been spoiling her sweetie rotten — sparking concern among her inner circle.

“Cher has always been so careful about her money, but she was throwing it at this guy and funding his over-the-top lifestyle!” said a source.

However, sources said the pop legend is finally getting the message from worried pals — and concerned kids Chaz Bono, 54, and Elijah Blue Allman, 46, who feared the flashy music man had his eyes on their inheritance!

Sources said Edwards had a strong influence over Cher, who’d revealed her intention to record two albums under his direction.

However, sources said Cher’s passion cooled off as she started to see their relationship as one-sided, grew annoyed with his suspicious behavior, and chafed at his bossy attitude in the recording studio.

“AE’s always inviting his friends over for parties — and he goes missing and doesn’t answer his phone,” said a source.

Another insider said Edwards failed to respect Cher’s decades of experience in the industry. “AE wasn’t even born when Sonny & Cher were topping the charts in the ‘60s,” said a source. “Things didn’t go well when he started barking orders in the studio as he does with younger artists.”

Sources said all the time the couple spent together caused Cher to realize their different interests — and the 40-year age gap — made a lasting marriage impossible.

“This was going to happen eventually — or so her friends think,” said the source. “They just hope she’s ok.”

Cher has always gone with her gut whenever it comes to her relationships, and a lot of times it's led her astray. If this story proves to be true they have a right to be genuinely concerned about Alex's true intentions.

Cher and Alex were going through what we like to call the honeymoon phase of the relationship. Better she wised up now before she got to a place where he would have access to her money.

UPDATE: The couple have officially called it quits

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