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Cher Denied Temporary Conservatorship Over 'Sober' Son Elijah Blue Allman

Cher's bid to serve as her son's temporary conservator has been denied in court after the judge said she was not convinced.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge rejected the music icon’s conservatorship petition Friday, according to the Daily Mail.

The outlet reported that Judge Jessica Uzcategui was “not persuaded” to appoint Cher, 77, as temporary conservator because her attorneys gave Allman “at best less than 24 hours notice” of the court action and refused to share confidential information with him about the case.

Uzcategui set a hearing for Jan. 29 and ordered Cher’s lawyers to share all confidential information they have with her son’s legal team a week before.

Despite the Grammy winner’s claim that Allman, 47, had gone missing, he showed up to Friday’s brief hearing and was joined by his wife, Marieangela King, with whom he recently reconciled.

Allman — a fellow musician — paired a light blue dress shirt with dark gray slacks, a brown belt, a navy puffer jacket and black sneakers.

He wore his salt-and-pepper-sprinkled hair in a slicked-back ‘do and sported sunglasses upon exiting the courthouse.

King, 36, opted for a cream-colored pantsuit, which she accessorized with black lace gloves and bright red lipstick.

She stood closely by her husband’s side.

Last month, Cher filed for a conservatorship over her Allman’s estate, claiming that he is unable to “manage his finances” because of his “severe mental health and substance abuse issues.”

Cher noted in her request that her son earns $120,000 per year from a trust established by his dad, Gregg Allman, to whom she was once married.

The singer told the court that “any funds distributed to Elijah will immediately be spent on drugs, leaving Elijah with no assets to provide for himself, and putting Elijah’s life at risk.”

He argued that “a conservatorship of the estate is not necessary at this time, no reason exists for the appointment of a conservator, the proposed conservator is not entitled to priority, and proposed conservator is unfit to serve.”

The vocalist admitted he has “struggled with addiction and spent money in ways that have not always been the most responsible” but insisted that he’s under the care of a doctor and is “attending AA meetings.”

“I recently passed a drug test and am willing to submit to future drug tests,” he claimed. “I am clean and sober from illicit substances for over 90 days now and am fully capable of and committed to managing the money I receive quarterly from the trust left by my late father.”

Elijah also noted that he recently filed to dismiss his divorce from King, explaining that the two are working on their relationship now that he has “found a path to sobriety.”

“I believe that my wife would have priority to be appointed conservator, if necessary, but I do not need that, either,” he added, going on to say that although he believes his mom is “looking out for [his] best interests,” he does “not need her unsolicited help or support at this time.”

I'm shocked the judge didn't side with Cher. I know she means well, but he's grown, so sometimes you have to let people hit rock bottom before they learn to get themselves together.

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