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Chris Brown Says He's Down For a VERZUZ Battle Against Usher

While appearing on Drink Champs to promote his latest album Breezy, Chris Brown opened up about a series of topics, including comparisons to Michael Jackson, and if he'd be down for a VERZUZ battle against global pop star Usher.

Here's what he said: “It only makes sense (that it’d be against him), but it’s got to make more sense. I would want to celebrate him in his light just as much as celebrating myself. I can’t act like he ain’t a pioneer as well. That’s Usher. I think it would be something good for the fans. But it would just have to make sense for both of us. Because I got hella songs. That’s all I can say. Too many damn songs.”

Now after the recent disasterous Verzuz battle between Omarion's non-singing ass, and Mario, this is a battle that I would pay top dollar for. So Timbaland and Swizzy - make this happen!

Watch the clip below...

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