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Christian Keyes Says It Will Break People's Hearts If He Exposed His Abuser

After taking to social media to spill tea about being harassed by an unidentified billionaire mogul and an actress, the actor-singer-producer says it will break people's hearts if he exposed who his harrasser was.

via: Bossip

All The Queen’s Men star Christian Keyes is apparently reluctant to reveal the identity of the powerful “billionaire” at the center of his sexual harassment claims because it will “break hearts.” He did however like a tweet that seemingly cleared the name of a billionaire bigwig that people are speculating is the culprit.

On Dec. 19, the 48-year-old actor hopped into the comments section of The Neighborhood Talk after the outlet reposted the emotional Instagram video in which he accused a powerful Hollywood “billionaire” of being “shady and predatory.” He also claimed that the unidentified Tinseltown giant offered him $100,000 to strip and tried to climb in bed with him.

“If I say who it is, it would break y’all hearts,” Keyes penned alongside a glaring eye emoji.

While some fans sympathized with the actor’s reluctance, a few social media users pondered whether Keyes was intentionally withholding the name of his alleged harasser to gain clout and attention.

“He’s treating this like a game… SMDH. People deal with abuse on the REGULAR. Speak out and let it go or just say it,” one user wrote in the comments section.

Another person penned,

“I still don’t understand the point of saying something and not saying it all. People are saying it was brave. Brave is putting everything out there and whatever happens happens. Let the Cassie & Diddy situation be your guide.”

A third netizen wrote, “It’s giving…. I’m waiting for someone to pay me for my story to be honest. Not saying it ain’t happen but why you in the comments with emojis…or am I trippin.'”

Keyes’ harassment claims however are no laughing matter.

On Dec. 15, Keyes — who made his acting debut in Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman — told fans that his acting career was impacted after he refused to take off his clothes for someone famous in Hollywood.

“I wasn’t working for him the month and the year that he showed up to my apartment and offered me $100,000 to take my clothes off. ‘I don’t even need to touch you. I just want to see you naked.’ I declined,” Keyes said. “I recorded it because I didn’t trust him. I told him no over and over, but he would still always try s**t. So, if people don’t believe me, they can hear him in his voice. I have always kept something on me.”

In another alleged incident, Keyes claimed that the mysterious “billionaire” tried to climb in bed with him after he got too drunk during an event at the Hollywood big wig’s home. The actor’s alleged harasser attempted to blame his behavior on drinking too much alcohol. After trying to forgive and leave with a handshake, Keyes alleged that the man grabbed his penis instead of his hand.

“I’m not blaming myself for saying no. I’m not blaming myself for almost quitting acting. I’m mad at myself for not being brave enough to say something sooner. That’s the only thing I regret,” Keyes added.

A few days after the star went live, Keyes liked an X post about Perry not being his harasser.

In addition to the tweet, Christian Keyes also recently recalled an interview he did where he spoke on how his childhood made him “easy prey” for his harasser.

I think Christian needs to worry less about breaking the hearts of the public who he doesn't personally know, and focus on his piece of mind.

Based on some of the stories he's been telling, he has dealt with trauma and abuse his entire life (he revealed his first adoptive mother made him walk doesn the street in the rain naked).

I sincerely hope he's in therapy dealing with all this trauma, because it can take a toll on a person.

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