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Christina Aguilera Producing Burlesque Stage Musical

Pop legend Christina Aguilera is dipping her toe in the world of theater, as the singer is set to produce a theatrical version of Burlesque, the film she starred in alongside Cher.

via: EW

EW has learned through a source that the Grammy-winning performer will serve as an EP on the adaptation, titled Burlesque: The Musical, which was written by the film's director, Steven Antin, and includes songs written for the film by Aguilera, Diane Warren, and Sia, with additional tunes created by RuPaul's Drag Race choreographer Todrick Hall and Jess Foley. It is expected to debut in the United Kingdom in the near future.

"Yes the stage musical adaptation is happening," Antin exclusively tells EW via email. "Very exciting."

Robin Antin, Steven's choreographer sister, also seemingly referenced the theater project in a now-deleted Instagram post earlier this week, in which a poster for the musical was visible in the background.

"This journey w my brother @stevenantin has been the most unforgettable experience… working together 24/7 on this beautiful new venture, (to be announced soon) is exactly what our Mum always wanted for us!" Robin wrote alongside a photo of herself and Steven. "And now here we are in her home, #LONDON , so sad she's not here to witness her dream, but we are doing it all for her, for YOU BRENDA!"

Steven previously told EW that he was working on a continuation of the story.

"It's inspired by Burlesque: a re-imagination," he said in 2020. "It morphs what's best about TV, Broadway, film, and digital entertainment. It's a hybrid television event/series taking the movie to the next level."

EW has reached to representatives for Aguilera and Warren for comment, as well as for Cher, who had a co-leading role in Burlesque opposite Aguilera.

Though the original movie — about a young woman, Ali (Aguilera), who bonds with the no-nonsense owner (Cher) of a burlesque club in Los Angeles — was a critical and box office disappointment upon its initial release 13 years ago, it has since built up a cult following, and amassed millions in sales on home video following its theatrical run. It also later scored three Golden Globe nominations and launched a successful accompanying soundtrack album.

For EW's 10-year anniversary oral history on the movie published in 2020, Aguilera praised her director's vision for such an ambitious project as her first major leading role in a movie.

"I'd been presented other acting and movie opportunities, but was holding out for something that felt right. Timing can play a big factor in balancing between album and touring cycles," she told EW at the time, adding that she poured her heart into penning songs for the film.

"In songwriting, I had to tackle both the tender moments of Ali falling in love with Jack, while also tackling the opposite energy of the up-tempo [songs] where I needed to embody and exude the powerful, sensual, and celebratory sides that encompass a woman," she continued. "In preparation of shooting, I worked with an acting coach. I'd never been taught or exposed to such a wide range of "technical" dance and so many different styles and levels all at once while rehearsing and filming this movie."

Cher also told EW that she appreciated Aguilera's presence on the set.

"One of my favorite scenes is when I was helping Christina with her makeup," she recalled. "It was all very spontaneous. It reminded me of when I was a young girl and my mom and all her friends would put on makeup together."

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