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Ciara Learns She's Related To Derek Jeter

Denver Bronco quarterback Russell Wilson isn't the only American athlete Ciara has a connection to.

Ciara is related to Derek Jeter. The 38-year-old singer made the discovery during a new episode of “Finding Your Roots”, when Dr Henry Louis Gates Jr informed her that the former New York Yankees star is her “DNA cousin.”

Ciara replied, “You are kidding me! Derek Jeter!” Gates then explained, “Ladies and gentlemen, she is looking at former New York Yankees Derek Jeter.”

A voiceover subsequently revealed that the celebrity duo “share a long identical stretch of DNA on their 14th chromosome DNA, which we know Derek inherited from his mother.”

Ciara has teased the new episode on her Instagram page, admitting that she’s shocked by her ties to the baseball legend. Alongside a clip from the show, the “Like a Boy” hitmaker wrote, “The moment I learned @DerekJeter was my cousin! Crazy! Thank you @drhenrylouisgates for such an incredible experience! This was a dream come true to learn about my family genealogy! (sic)”

Ciara has been married to NFL star Russell Wilson since 2016, and the singer previously revealed that she likes him to “lead” their relationship. She told GQ magazine, “I really love letting him lead, as the man of the house.”

Despite this, Russell still likes to discuss any big decisons with his wife. He explained, “I’m a quarterback, so I like talking. I like talking about plays. I like, ‘Hey, what do you think about this idea? This strategy?’ ‘Hey, what do you think about this for the kids?’ Ciara, she’s an entertainer. She runs the show. She is the show. So for both of us, we have our beautiful flow of dialogue, constantly. And that could be all the way from our kids to, you know, the next business decision that we’re doing, to where we want to take our next trip to, you know, ‘Hey, what do you think about making a donation here or there?’ “

I love this show, because this guy is excellent finding out about people's lineages. I would love to take a test where someone like Dr Gates lets me know not only about my family roots, but what celebrities I'm possibly related to.

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